Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another 4 Waysssss.....

Sell IMAGES With royalty.
If you consider ur photograph and artworks worth making money from, u can earn royalty on ur images. There are several web portals that enable u to upload and sell your images at a commission. Some of these web portals include. ‘’,’, etc. Portals like iStock pay a member 20% of the image price as royalty, and up to 405 for exclusive contributors to the website. You can sell photos, illustrations, as well as flash, audio and video work.
Develop your own modules and Sell them
IF you are a budding developer and make a few bucks off your development skills, you can create small web modules like site counters, form, chat applications, etc. and provide them as free downloads to users. You can add a donation button to ask users to help you further your project. Moreover, you can sell your software applications as shareware from web sites like, ‘’ which helps you sell your software on popular web host.


If you auction products on Amazon,it is essential for u to propagate ur product on ur blogs/web portal.To create an Amazon widget, create an affiliate membershipID and visit “”. Customize your carousel widget and click the ‘Add to my webpage’ button to generate the widget. Click ‘Add to blogger’ button on the pop-up window to place the widget on your blog. Add the widget to your blog and set the widget on your blog. Add the widget to your blog and set the widget location before saving the changes.
To sell product on eBay, it is essential that you market them well to get the best price possible. To create an eBay widget visit ``and click the `OK, let go!` button. Select `Seller` to display your product on the widget. `Search `.Select 'All Item` and click `next`. Finally select `Blogger` and click the `Click here` link to proceed with the instructions. Follow the instructions provided to create and place the widget on your blog.

An acronym for search engine optimization, SEOs can be best described as a technique to make a web link appear higher in search engine results. Propagated as an Internet marketing stategy, in the simplest of words SEOs involve editing web domain content and HTML content to create relevant keywords so that the search engine crawlers can locate web pages easily and appear useful to end reader. There are several third party organizations that help you to optimize your website to gather larger web traffic by paying the required costs. One Such organization can be found at ‘’. you can begin by editing meta tags in the HTML code of your webpage, tagging your blog post with relevant tag word and writing topic specific content in your web pages.

5 Ways To EaRn Money From Internet.

Paypal :
Paypal offers you an excellent way to collect donation from readers visiting your blog or if you are hosting free application/services on your web portal. To add apaypal widget to yuor site, caryy out the following steps. Login to your paypal account. Click the 'Merchant services' tab.Click the Donations and follow there steps and last click on the 'Create Button' to generate your code that can be placed in your site/blog.
Third party websites:
If you are not comfortable creating, managing and monetizing your blog, you can take the help of several third party web portals that help you monetize your blogs very effectively. You can specify a fixed amount and earn steadily through your blog. You can also write reviews or free lance write-ups and get paid for the same. Some websites are that allow you to so are : ‘’,’,’ ,etc.
If you have considerable amount of traffic on your blog, it is sensible to monetize your blog with Google adsense. Google Adsense is nothing but creating sponsored advertisements spaces on your blog. To create ad spaces on your blog, sign in to your blogger account. On your blogger dashboard, click the monetize link. Once on the ‘Monetize’ tab, select the location where you wish to place the ads and click ‘Next’. Select the ‘create a new adsense account’ and click ‘next’. Fill in required details to proceed. Click the ‘Layout’ tab to change the placement of the object and save changes.
Visit ‘’ and click the advertising programs’ link. Click the ‘Signup’ Link under the ‘Adwords’ Section. You can use your existing Google account as well. Type appropriate details and click ‘create Account ‘. Next, enter billing information to activate the advertisement. Click on ‘Enter Billing information and activate ad’ and fill required details. Type the required details in ‘Set Up your ad’ Page Select bid value or type it manually. Under ‘choose the solution that is right for you’, click on ‘Starter Edition. Click ‘Continue>>’. Once you are done , Click the ‘My Ad Campaign’ anfd the ‘My Account’ tabs to view and edit the ad details as required.
Backlinking is a technique wherein the URL of your web domain or blog is featured as a link on another web domain or blog. With the help of back linking, you can divert higher traffic to your website. A strong number of backlinks also ensures that your web pages appear higher in search engine results. There are several techniques available that not only enable you to submit your site for backlinking but also to add sites to your web domain. One Such tool is available at ‘’. Visit the site and type an appropriate keyword to get list of web portals. Once done, click the required link to complete the process.

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